Is my FileMaker Server Isolated?

Every server we host is complete isolated and connected to the Internet only by the necessary ports to make it accessible to you.

Do you sell hosting on Shared FileMaker Servers?

Sorry, we do not. Sharing a FIleMaker server between customers is no longer considered good practice. To compensate we have kept our base pricing for a whole server as low as possible.

We cannot guarantee that a shared server will not be overloaded by a server side script, or oversubscribed in terms of Web Direct and FileMaker Go users, in other words, if you share a server with other customers, the other customers could too easily do something to affect your solution's availability.

You said 'free trial', why do you need my Credit Card number?

When you trial a server with us you receive a full production quality server. We need to know you are serious about buying one before committing our server resources to your trial.

We will not charge your credit card when you start your trial, only once your free week is up. You can cancel the trial at any point during the week.