FileMaker Hosting

With 15 years of experience in FileMaker Cloud Hosting, trust DataTherapy Host to keep your solution up and running.

Reliable hosting for all of your users

With modern platforms such as FileMaker offering multiple ways to access your data, it is all the more important that your solution is professionally hosted in a location which will offer your users the best chance of clean, consistent access to their data.

Your users can be on desktops, laptops or mobile devices, connected via 4G, broadband or high-speed internet and using web browsers or dedicated clients such as FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro. All these options give a huge number of combinations and a fully managed service helps give your users the best chance of success.

Move your existing solution to the cloud


If you have an existing solution or setup that you feel it is time to move to a hosted environment Datatherapy Host can help. We have helped dozens of customers make the move to the cloud and understand both the reasons for wanting to move as well as the fears you may have.

A search engine result or forum post may be a good way to get an overview of information, but nothing beats speaking to an expert who can listen to your requirements and make recommendations based on experience and facts.

Start with a new solution in the cloud


It's often exciting to start something new - the thrill of a clean slate and a fresh start is an excellent way to begin a project!

If you are looking to build a new solution, starting in the cloud is exactly the right way to go and Datatherapy Host can help you get started with minimal effort. FileMaker was made to be shared and hosting your solution in a managed, secure, reliable location is the best way to stay focussed on your solution goals.

Don't take our word for it, try it free for a week ...


Keen to get started? Try our one week free trial and see how easy it is to get your first FileMaker database into the cloud

Hosting by the Experts

Our team of Certified FileMaker Consultants know a thing or two about hosting FileMaker databases. We have put together a package which takes all the headaches away from getting your database up and accessible to your users. Our FileMaker servers are configured to rigorously adhere to FileMaker's best practices so once your database is up, it can stay up.

When you need help with Developing your FileMaker Database ...

Our consulting division DataTherapy are one of the most respected FileMaker Partners in Europe and can help you with your FileMaker solution. DataTherapy offer assistance from simple mentoring right up to large project development and FileMaker development agreements.