Our Services

We run a pretty simple business here at Datatherapy Host and our main thing is is putting your FileMaker database into the cloud. Feel free to look through our full list of services though ...

FileMaker Hosting

FileMaker Hosting

Simple, quick to deploy and highly reliable FileMaker Cloud Servers. You do not need to be an IT guru or a propeller-head of any kind to use our service ... but even if you are a super-smart cookie you will probably appreciate the simplicity of our offering.

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Other services

We offer a few select additional services, most of which are designed to simplify or enhance your hosting experience.

VPNs and Private Circuits

Private Cloud, VPNs and Private Circuits

If you would like your own private network in our data centres or wish link your office to your servers via a VPN or even via a dedicated Ethernet link, we can do (we even have an icon for it!). 10/100/1000Mb links right to your offices, hardware VPN (we will post you a box to do it) or software VPN on your desktop, laptop or even iPhone or iPad. Its bread and butter stuff for us, just tell us what you would like to do!

SSL Certificates

Secure your FileMaker Solution or Web Direct interface with a custom SSL certificate. We make it simple and as near to one-click as it can be. If you require an SSL certificate for  other purposes, we can help - lets face it they are not the easiest things in the world to sort out!

Domains and DNS

Every FileMaker server comes complete with its very own domain name but if you want to purchase a unique domain or manage your existing domain through our web interface we can help.

Email Services

Microsoft Exchange in the cloud or Google Mail, we are not judgmental, whatever suits you best! You can be sure that your email, whichever you choose, will be up and running all the time.